Author Topic: malwarebytes reporting unknown heuristic malware dections on 2 bass DLLs  (Read 89 times)


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This is probably a false positive but with all the supply chain based malware attacks it's probably worth double checking.

I don't remember exactly when I downloaded these from here but I am attaching the 2 offending files so you can double check their validity.  Interestingly only the 32 bit DLLs are reported by malwarebytes.  The 64 bit versions appear to be clean.



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malwarebytes is a stupid scanner..

can't be handle files which packed with UPX or other.
forget it!

Ian @ un4seen

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Both of those DLLs are recent beta versions (from the "stuff" dir on the server). It can take a little while for those to be whitelisted by some AV scanners, but they should eventually be.

According to VirusTotal, Malwarebytes isn't currently detecting a problem with either of them: