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Bass Wave Form, VuMeter library
« on: 8 Jun '21 - 10:54 »
Good morning to all,
  just for "cosmetics" purpose in a form with some "free space" I had thought tp insert into a simple panel something to display a "track" wave form and, if the track is playing, a cursor that's moving with the song.
I've found several component(s) that do it (and i'm using one of them) and, due the fact i'm using BASS, i ask is a library (for delphi) that allow to show vumetr bar, song tack bar, wave form display ecc..
Something like "All in one library" in order to use only one product and not several.
Excuse for this trivial quastion.

Thank's for all

Best ragrds


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Re: Bass Wave Form, VuMeter library
« Reply #1 on: 8 Jun '21 - 19:23 »
Hi do you mean a Spectrum or a VU-Meter?
So a absolute Professional VU-Meter and more can you find here:


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Re: Bass Wave Form, VuMeter library
« Reply #2 on: 9 Jun '21 - 10:30 »
Good morning Chris,
  thank's for reply.
About vumeter i've a tms subscription, and the instrument library is, absolutely, very well done (but miss the peak).
Now, for vumeter, i'm using one unit (found on this forum) who was write (if i do not remeber so bad) from you !!
what i intend to achieve is to have only one library (for delphi) that is able to handle:
- Tags
- Wave from (syncro with playing)
- VuMeter
- Volume (pad)
- others.

because now all these are handle with others library.

Thank's for yor reply.
Have a nice day