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Bass Levels
« on: 7 Sep '03 - 12:03 »

I have a level-meter in my app (using LedMeter control...), but I noticed that the Level changes if you change the volume of bass... So what I would like to do is: Make sure my level meters keep moving, even if bass' volume is set to 0...

Is that possible?


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Re: Bass Levels
« Reply #1 on: 8 Sep '03 - 12:15 »
Describe a bit more about this LedMeter it
an OCX? usually level meter controls get the audio peak
from sound card's driver so they show what's going out of
card's 'out' when you turn bass to zero,sound mutes
and therefor meter shows nothing.

Your meter should be placed before BASS output,and that's
something you would do by calling _GetData routines inside
BASS and get the required data to process them into level

good luck.