Author Topic: BASS_FX_DSP_SetParameters boosts sound-vol  (Read 5146 times)


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BASS_FX_DSP_SetParameters boosts sound-vol
« on: 15 Aug '03 - 14:04 »

i use a 4-band eq from the bass_fx-lib. i use the same values like in the c-samples (but with 4 instead of 3 bands) but if i update the eq-dsp the sound-volume is boosted, so i get i nice fuzzy distortion, wich is not allways wanted ;o)

so i do the same as in the demo-code (wich works fine!)

calling 4 times BASS_FX_DSP_Set for each band,
setting the eq-gain to 0.0f - everything works fine.
if i call an update function to change the band-eq like

Code: [Select]

void CPlayer::SetEqBand(int nBand, int nValue) {
     BASS_FX_DSPPEAKEQ eq;            // dsp peaking equalizer
     eq.lBand = nBand;      // get values of the selected band
     BASS_FX_DSP_GetParameters(hChan, BASS_FX_DSPFX_PEAKEQ, &eq);
     if(eq.fGain != (float)(10 - nValue)) {
           eq.fGain = (float)(10 - nValue);

           BASS_FX_DSP_SetParameters(hChan, BASS_FX_DSPFX_PEAKEQ, &eq);
           TRACE("%i %i\n", nBand, nValue);

the sound is boosted. even if the fgain-value is zero...

someone has an idea???

(: JOBnik! :)

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Re: BASS_FX_DSP_SetParameters boosts sound-vol
« Reply #1 on: 15 Aug '03 - 18:06 »
Hi ;D

What about:
eq.fQ = ??;
eq.fBandwidth = ??;

if you're using one of them, then the second must be 0 (zero) :)

Have fun!

8) JOBnik! 8)