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Only Add Audio Files
« on: 25 Jul '21 - 03:20 »
I just added my music folder, but XMPlay has added every possible file type in the folders, including:
.log, .txt, .accurip, .png, .jpg, .aac etc.

Do I have to individually ignore all other file types manually or can I get XMPlay to only add audio files?

Keltic Danor

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Re: Only Add Audio Files
« Reply #1 on: 25 Jul '21 - 04:06 »
I think you can just check the "Verify file content" option in the Playlist options and it will make sure it is playable before adding, otherwise you can use the ignore file types list yep.
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Re: Only Add Audio Files
« Reply #2 on: 25 Jul '21 - 05:27 »
Thanks. I'll keep trying.

For some reason, it refuses to ignore some file types.
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Re: Only Add Audio Files
« Reply #3 on: 25 Jul '21 - 11:58 »
Depending on which plugins are available, XMPlay still consider a file to be "playable" when scanning (but not necessarily when trying to actually play the file). It would be helpful to be more precise which files this happens with (maybe upload an example file to look at), and provide a list of plugins you are using with XMPlay. AAC files are audio files, so it's no surprise that XMPlay would add them to your playlist.