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XMPlay + LCDSmartie
« on: 20 Nov '21 - 19:01 »
Hello to all users of the cool XMPlay player.
I really want to make friends our player with the LCDSmartie program, to display information on a two-line LCD screen.
The Winamp player works with LCDSmartie, but the sound quality is poor.
On the LCDSmartie forum, they asked to write a plugin for XMPlay, but no result.
Maybe there is a competent programmer here and write a plugin for LCDSmartie.

Sorry for my english.
I use an online translator.

Привет всем пользователям классного проигрывателя XMPlay.
Мне очень хочется подружить наш плеер с программой LCDSmartie, для вывода информации на двух строчный LCD экран.
Проигрыватель Winamp работает с LCDSmartie, но качество звука оставляет желать лучшего.
На форуме LCDSmartie просили о написании плагина для XMPlay, но без результата.
Может здесь найдется грамотный программист и напишет плагин для LCDSmartie.

Keltic Danor

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Re: XMPlay + LCDSmartie
« Reply #1 on: 23 Nov '21 - 06:33 »
I don't know anything about LCDSmartie but there is source for Just Log and many other plugins available on the Support Site, I'm sure one of the plugin developers on the LCDSmartie forums would be able to reuse it to do what is needed.


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Re: XMPlay + LCDSmartie
« Reply #2 on: 23 Nov '21 - 09:18 »
Unfortunately, all my attempts to register on their forum were unsuccessful. Therefore, I turned here.
At the moment I am using your plugin, for which many thanks to you.