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Device buffer latency
« on: 26 Oct '22 - 00:47 »
I am playing a bit with buffer sizes to control latency on Android. Regarding the device buffers I am not changing BASS_CONFIG_DEV_PERIOD so it should be 10 [ms].
Leaving BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFER untouched (40 [ms] on Android), reading BASS_INFO.latency I see 35.
Setting BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFER to 200 in BASS_INFO.latency I see 195.
Setting BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFER to 20 in BASS_INFO.latency I see 35.

In the last case, reading back BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFER I still see 20, but I don't understand why 35 is reported in BASS_INFO.latency. Does this mean that 40 is anyway used even if not reported in BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFER?

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Re: Device buffer latency
« Reply #1 on: 26 Oct '22 - 12:10 »
The actual buffer size (and update period) used will depend on what the OS/device supports, so it may indeed be different to what was requested via BASS_CONFIG_DEV_BUFFER (and BASS_CONFIG_DEV_PERIOD).