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MP3 Patent Licensing
« on: 24 Jul '03 - 15:21 »
Hi Guys,

Just a query about MP3 licensing. If I were to create a piece of software that uses the BASS audio system and wanted to sell it, obviously I would pay the commercial license fee to you guys - does this fee include royalty payments to "Thomson"?

I read on the above web site that you need to pay royalties to Thomson for every piece of software you sell (about $0.75 per unit with a minimum anual payment of $15,000).

Any information you can provide on this subject would be very helpful :)

Thanks in advance,

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: MP3 Patent Licensing
« Reply #1 on: 25 Jul '03 - 13:36 »
The BASS license fee does not include an MP3 patent license from Thomson. As you can see from their rates, the BASS fee would have to be quite a bit higher if it did :)

It's up to commercial users to obtain a patent license themselves, if needed.