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I'm using v. 3.8.4, but this is an old bug. The player crashes when loading too large playlists or a directory with too many files.

With skin "XMP underground Radio" it doesn't happens.
It happens with skins: Royale Vista, Min and Neutron

It may also bug with other skins I haven't tested.
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That's it for me. I'm switching to Aimp.

XMPlay is an abondoned / forgotten project.
One minor release per year, old bugs getting older, no new features.

The program icon is a pity.

Hello? Anybody here?
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If you consider not getting a reply within a day during Christmas holidays an "abandoned project", go ahead and check if the AIMP developers react more quickly. I for one report several XMPlay bugs every year and Ian usually fixes them within a day or two. He's one of the most caring software developers I had the pleasure to interact with, and so his software is far from dead.

The crash you experienced is most likely caused by a bad plugin (in combination with some very specific files) and probably not XMPlay's fault. When you load a big playlist, XMPlay has to re-scan all the file and during this process one of the plugins you use might be crashing. It shouldn't be related to the skin you use but of course any change in the XMPlay environment can contribute to the plugin's misbehaviour. As it's usually a very specific combination of plugins and files that cause such problems, it's hard to diagnose them, which also also contribute to the lack of responses so far.
To find out which plugin is misbehaving, you should remove all plugins and re-add them one by one until you find the crashing one. In the past the FFMPEG plugin was often found to be the culprit for such crashes, but it could be any other plugin as well. I have close to 15000 entries in my XMPlay playlist and even when reloading the playlist it never crashes, but I also only use a rather small number of carefully chosen plugins.

Anyway, why am I even writing this; have fun with AIMP. I'm sure it doesn't have a single bug ;)

Ian @ un4seen

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To find out where (and hopefully why) the crash happpened, please upload a dump file for it. You can generate a dump file using the ProcDump tool. For example, run "procdump -e -ma -x . xmplay.exe". Then ZIP and upload the generated dump file to have a look at here:

If you have any plugins installed, also try removing them and see if the crash still happens, like saga suggested.


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How big the playlist?
What kind of files?
What OS?

btw, I think XMPlay is updated enough: I often came here to the forums and find saga posting a bug and Ian fixing it.
Also, I don't think this was inended as a fancy audio player... and man, it's new year eve...


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This is what an ACTIVE project looks like:

You guys should launch a super v4 kickass extreme version or just retire this slow motion development project.

I switched to AIMP a couple weeks now and I fell like I should have changed way before.

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There's no need to insult the developers of this player. Not everyone has such high appetites for constant, frantic updates. If this is your view of ideal "kickass" software, that's fine. But why impose such views on others? You're happy with AIMP. Okay. Some people are more than happy with XMPlay. They are willing to put up with its flaws because the advantages outweigh them in their eyes. Trying to ignite hostility and senseless fight between the users and developers of these two projects is absolutely unnecessary. You may consider that one of these two programs is better than the other. Some may just call them "different".

AIMP is a hugely popular player, and its development is fueled and backed up by a big Russian corporation called Yandex, and possibly other companies as well. Despite being free-to-use, it's a commercial project relying on ads and possibly analytics. XMPlay, from what I know and see (now I may be wrong here, correct me please if these aren't facts) is led entirely by enthusiasts. It would be very unfair to expect one developer (or a small team of them) to maintain their software at the same rate as AIMP. I'd say that for their project's scale they are doing quite well. They do listen to the users, it just happens that they have their own lives to look after as well. It's not a sign of conceited behaviour, especially since nobody was rude to you in this thread. I believe these people are doing what they can and they have users who are okay with the current development rate. If you wish this project was dead and everybody only used what you want to - now that's conceit alright.


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Despite being free-to-use, it's a commercial project relying on ads and possibly analytics.

Atomika:  I agree with the intent of your post and am a fan of XMPlay, but just wanted to point out for fairness sake that as a concurrent long-time user of AIMP have never seen it or its installer contain adware or offers of any kind, nor any form of telemetry.


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Thanks for clarification. I agree that the player and the installation program themselves show no signs of adware. But regarding ads, I based my claim on personal experience, because I did encounter offers for installing Yandex products (toolbar or browser, can't remember) during AIMP install, so I assume that there is partnership involved. This is what I wanted to say. The situation may have changed since then, this can be checked by running their installer of course.

 However, I'm absolutely positive that the official site,, contains yandex scripts with tracking (uMatrix or NoScript show them clearly).


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No problem here with my playlist.. currently standing at just over 57,000 files.
I dont use skins as i use xmplay in the background..
I dont use any plugins that i dont actually need.
except ones relating to the amiga.. due to the fact i have a load of .mods to play.. not included in the 57,000.
ie crm. pp. lha. lzx, etc.. but in a subfolder.. not main.. but if the are loaded no problems.
Never have any troubles with xmplay in the years i've been using..