Author Topic: BASS_Init error on iOS 15 (mostly?)  (Read 73 times)


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BASS_Init error on iOS 15 (mostly?)
« on: 28 Sep '21 - 00:59 »
BASS v2.4.16.7

When our app starts up, it initializes BASS fairly early, and what we're seeing is that we're getting back a 3 (BASS_ERROR_DRIVER) in some cases (seemingly more/almost exclusively on iOS 15, and seemingly when the app is started in the background for e.g. background fetch or Siri or CarPlay).

When we get a failure, we always retry right away, and in these cases, that fails too. But the weirdest thing is that about ~200ms later, we handle a related failure by trying to reinitialize again, and it works!

Is there any way to get more information out of the failure so we might understand why it's happening, and why it might be succeeding a very short while later?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS_Init error on iOS 15 (mostly?)
« Reply #1 on: 28 Sep '21 - 11:57 »
BASS_ERROR_DRIVER indicates that the output "RemoteIO" AudioUnit initialization failed for some reason. I'll send you a debug version to find out what the internal error code from iOS is.