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App Startup Question - Initial Output
« on: 5 Sep '21 - 14:00 »

I have a question around app startup.

Windows sound options for my Traveler only lists 44.1/48Khz as supported but my device does up to 192Khz. If the device is set to a sample rate higher than 48Khz Bass Init fails, even when passing 96000 in as the sample rate.

Other audio apps also cannot play audio so this isn't a Bass specific thing.

I'm just wondering what I can do in this situation? I can't use Bass to query the devices rate as it wont initialise.

I also have Music Bee installed that uses Bass and they just throw up a message box with a Bass error message.

I'm wondering if there is a more elegant solution?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: App Startup Question - Initial Output
« Reply #1 on: 6 Sep '21 - 13:06 »
Are the higher rates are only accessible via the soundcard's ASIO control panel? If so, it sounds like they might only be supported by the soundcard's ASIO driver, and not its normal Windows audio driver. If that is the case, and there isn't an updated/fixed driver available, then unfortunately I'm not sure there is much that you can do about it except avoiding the higher rates or lowering the rate again after you've finished using ASIO.


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Re: App Startup Question - Initial Output
« Reply #2 on: 6 Sep '21 - 19:47 »
Yeah, I've coded around all these issues and have a nice stable implementation now.

I often forget I'm dealing with a 16 year old Firewire device with dodgy MOTU drivers that only supports up to Win8 officially. If I can get it this stable, with that shite, I'm hoping the Presonus 24c that arrives tomorrow will be a breeze in comparison. LOL.

Thanks for all the pointers / tips.

After the BSOD issues over the last few days I honestly want the MOTU out my life now. Will keep is around for testing but not as my daily driver (no pun) ;)