Author Topic: BassTags.BASS_TAG_GetFromFile doesn't read from .flac file?  (Read 255 times)


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Good morning.
I'm trying to get TAGs from a .flac file, using .NET and BassTags.BASS_TAG_GetFromFile()
The function always returns false, even if there are some data inside.
However, it doesn't read Artist Tag.

The same instructions performed on the same file converted in .wav work and read the Artist.

Can you check it, please?

Thank you.


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I just tested your file and received the following TAGs from the FLAC file (plus even the cover image):
Code: [Select]
Title=Don't You Go Up The Sky
ALBUM=Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants
GENRE=Psychedelic Rock

The TAG_INFO looks like that after the call:
Code: [Select]
{DeWolff - Don't You Go Up The Sky}
    PictureCount: 0
    album: "Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants"
    albumartist: ""
    artist: "DeWolff"
    bitrate: 0
    bpm: ""
    channelinfo: {FLAC, 44100Hz, Stereo, 16bit}
    comment: ""
    composer: ""
    conductor: ""
    copyright: ""
    disc: ""
    duration: 0
    encodedby: ""
    energy: ""
    filename: "C:\\Temp\\03 - Don't You Go Up The Sky\\03 - Don't You Go Up The Sky.flac"
    genre: "Psychedelic Rock"
    grouping: ""
    isrc: ""
    lyricist: ""
    mood: ""
    nativetags: Count = 0
    pfrestrictions: ""
    pictures: Count = 0
    producer: ""
    proppfrexx: null
    publisher: ""
    rating: ""
    remixer: ""
    replaygain_track_gain: -100
    replaygain_track_peak: -1
    style: ""
    tagType: BASS_TAG_OGG
    title: "Don't You Go Up The Sky"
    track: "03"
    year: "2009"

So to me all look good. Maybe you have not loaded the BASSFLAC add-on?


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That's right!
Code: [Select]
int pluginFlac = Bass.BASS_PluginLoad("bassflac.dll");

Sorry, my fault.
Thank you.