Author Topic: Sound waveform analyzer components for Windows developers  (Read 2841 times)


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Hi there,

I would like to introduce a component that make it easy to add sound waveform analysis capabilities to applications written with the most widely-used development environments; the component is available in 2 versions:

- ActiveX control: Active Waveform Analyzer

- Winforms .NET component: Audio Sound Waveform for .NET

Both versions come with native decoding capabilities for many audio formats and leverage decoding capabilities of Microsoft Media Foundation and Microsoft DirectShow for audio and video formats not supported directly.
Although the component doesn't make use of the BASS library internally ,it can be easily integrated with existing third-party audio libraries like BASS and any other multimedia library supporting the possibility to start a playback session and/or the possibility to decode and provide PCM data for rare or custom audio formats.

A complimentary 20% discount is available for BASS users: just send me a private message for claiming your discount :-)

Kind Regards

Severino Delaurenti