Author Topic: Viena v0.464 SoundFont Editor  (Read 9603 times)

Rich Nagel

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Viena v0.464 SoundFont Editor
« on: 26 Mar '06 - 18:07 »
With the advent of Ian's new MIDI plugin for XMPlay, I thought that it might be handy for folks to be able to edit SF2 format soundfonts for use with the plugin. I was surfing around the other day and stumbled upon a freeware utility, "Viena v0.464" (no "sic" there <G>, as it's "Viena"... not to be confused with EMU/CLI's "Vienna").

Anyhow, you can download CLI/EMU's "Vienna SoundFont Studio" from CLI's web site, but Vienna will only install (and operate) if you have a *true* soundfont compatable sound card (AWE32, AWE64, SB Live!, etc..), the setup won't install the utility if you don't have one of the sound cards (or even operate, if you were somehow able to install it).

The "Viena" utility will run with any sound card, allowing one to edit soundfonts on a PC that doesn't have any soundfont compatable sound card installed, with an interface/GUI that similar to the real Vienna utility -:)

Anyhow, link is here ->