Author Topic: How to programmatically detect if a recorded audio has unwanted properties  (Read 3900 times)


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Hello, I would like to ask whether how to determine if a recorded audio file is damaged, or has some unwanted sounds is included into it.

I have some recorded audio file where it has a specified duration but when I play it, it only plays for a while then stops.

another issue is that some audio has an unwanted sound and is very irritating.

Are these issues can be checked programmatically?

Thanks in advance.


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Yep !

Are these issues can be checked programmatically?
For the first one, I answer "yes". Assuming file is a standard PCM wave file, the duration is usually computed and displayed using datas in the header of the file (nb of samples, nb of channels, nb of samples per channels, etc.) -- see Riff Header informations (SDK, -- when the sound is retrieved as a "file in the file".
Study the link above, use an hex editor, some cups of coffee  ;) and you'll find all your answers !

For the second, I really don't know... Use an audio editor to remove unwanted sound, maybe ? But programmaticaly,  ???