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Favorite cipher?
« on: 29 Jun '07 - 17:47 »
Sorry, I wrote this question to approx. 120 ppl already and on 18 forums,
but I am still not satisfied.

What cipher would you use for a IM, fast enough to crypt streams realtime
on slower mashines? Please forget DES / RSA, we are in 21th century.

Thank you for all answers, maybe an example c++/asm code if you have a new idea... ;)


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Re: Favorite cipher?
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jun '07 - 19:06 »
What do you try to protect? Plain text or audio and video streams?

AES-Rijndael is believed to be the new encryption standard, but personally I'd be satisfied with something a little older like Blowfish as well.
What about Serpent, second in the AES-competition and now under GPL? Ofcourse AES-Rijndael didn't end up first for nothing, so that's always a good choice ;).


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Re: Favorite cipher?
« Reply #2 on: 29 Jun '07 - 20:13 »
Dotpitch, thanks for your reply.
I don't want to use Rijndael because it's used by FBI and others,
so a fast specialised brute cracker will be made very soon, same
as for DES long ages ago.
Serpent is good algo, very fast and secure enough, but I will need
to code totally new code, as there is only old slow C, lame Java and
8051 assembler. But maybe I have just to look around a bit...
If I will find a optimised C++ code, recode it for VCL streams, it's my

And the first question - it will be everything. I don't want to limit in
ascii or similar, I'll need full byte or word encryption, as it will be optionally
used for my special (full set with utf, optionaly base64) messages and
file transfers, audio and video streaming.

*a* I am playing with optimised C code from the complete package of
Serpent, it throws W8012, W8065 and W8070 so I will rewrite it for C++.

*a* Using Serpent and Tiger for hashing and I'm really satisfied. Thanks to the UK for good cipher.
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Re: Favorite cipher?
« Reply #3 on: 14 Jul '07 - 11:11 »
What about GnuPG?


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Re: Favorite cipher?
« Reply #4 on: 14 Jul '07 - 13:50 »
Emm it's a implementation of many algos, only most known (bf, des, idea, rijndael) and (imho) very bad, slow, non-optimised code. OSS makers usually aren't good coders and they only catch what's free - what makes me really angry many times...
Actually there is no serpent implementation and serpent already became my hero. :)


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Re: Favorite cipher?
« Reply #5 on: 16 Jul '07 - 18:43 »
Slow compared to what? I have used GnuPG for years and it works just fine.


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Re: Favorite cipher?
« Reply #6 on: 18 Jul '07 - 01:08 »
Try for example these rijndael implementations. Integrated packages like GnuPG have always slower speed, and what did I want was speed + security...
Serpent code I found is still slower then all Rijndael implementations, so I think I'll modify it for 16 rounds instead of 32, but that will show only time...
And I guess Rijndael will be 'cracked' at least twice faster, as it's a federal standard...