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Side Job - Streaming Audio to IceCast
« on: 15 Mar '09 - 04:38 »
If you are interested in small project about $500 to do a prototype of product please read below.


Userís Web Browser
Userís media player (winamp)
Webserver IIS , ASP.NET
IceCast - streaming media server
BASS - used to encode and send streams to IceCast
C# MediaEncoder Ė this will be developed to encode the wav files and stream them to the IceCast Server.

Application Flow

1.   User makes a file request to the Web Server
2.   Web Server makes a request to the encoder for a URL
3.   C# Coder will check to see if the file exists, if it does, start encoding and stream the data to IceCast and send the URL back to the Web Server
4.   The Web Server sends the URL back to the client
5.   The User Opens the URL and IceCast sends the data packets to Userís media player

If you are interested please shoot me an email.