Author Topic: BASS.dll in internet-capable .ocx?  (Read 4901 times)


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BASS.dll in internet-capable .ocx?
« on: 28 Jul '03 - 00:10 »
Ok....for a challenge, I tried to use bass in a program I made and compile it as an OCX with VB so I could view it personally from random locations such as my college.  The weird thing is that apparently just by switching to OCX compilation mode, VB loses track of something.  I don't know if it doesn't know where to find bass.dll, isn't allowed to access it, or what...but I do know it refuses to play any files, while all my other program's features (such as video playing and volume-panning adjustment via MCI dll calls as well as database searching and MSINET ftp calls) work flawlessly.  

Any ideas how to make Bass run under a program in the form of an OCX?   :-/


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Re: BASS.dll in internet-capable .ocx?
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jul '03 - 13:44 »
Try including BASS.dll when you create the package with the wizard.