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feature request
« on: 1 Jul '03 - 16:17 »
Hello, pals

I can not live without one very usefull software (freeware, opensource):

It allow to scroll windows by dragging mouse with right button pressed. You will like it.

So, I ask Ian to make info window scrolling in xmplay and mouseimp some how co-operative.
Now it is unfortunate to find out that play list scrolling that can be done with mouse roller does not work via emulation of it by mouseimp like it is in Opera 7.11

Thank you.


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Re: feature request
« Reply #1 on: 3 Jul '03 - 00:14 »
*flips the mousewheel back and forth a few times*

*notices the scroll bar on the right, clicks it and drags it alllll the way down*

I think we're already quite capable of scrolling through the info window here.


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Re: feature request
« Reply #2 on: 3 Jul '03 - 08:10 »
I know that one can do something 100 of times the known way instead of diong it one time more easy and progressive.
Did you test that utility? You would not take your attention to scroll bar and limp playlist by mousewheel.

Good luck.