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BASS_FX licensing
« on: 25 Jul '03 - 19:31 »
Jobnik, can BASS_FX be used in shareware or commercial programs?  If so, would you really have to distribute, (quoting from bass_fx.txt) "all the files" "INTACT AND UNMODIFIED", ie, including all the examples?


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Re: BASS_FX licensing
« Reply #1 on: 26 Jul '03 - 10:16 »
Don't know about licensing, but distrubiting the files depends on whether or not your program is open source. If it's open source, then I think the examples are optional but all libraries, headers and includes should be included along with the binaries. If it's not open source, then just the binaries are needed. I wouldn't have thought that you would need to include the examples and suchlike. The licensing and copyright files obviously need to be in any package.

That's just my take on it, you'll need to rely on Ian for the official standpoint.

(: JOBnik! :)

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Re: BASS_FX licensing
« Reply #2 on: 26 Jul '03 - 11:42 »
Hi ;D

For commercial use I have to check it out with the used source codes owners, if they allow commercial use.

* BASS_FX is FREE so you CAN NOT Charge for it ANY FEE!

You may freely distribute the BASS_FX package as long as NO FEE is
charged and all the files remain INTACT AND UNMODIFIED.

It means, that if you want to distribute BASS_FX .zip file, YOU CAN NOT change there anything and all the code and files and examples MUST remain the same as Originals!
But if you're using BASS_FX.DLL in your project, then you don't have to include e.g: - in your distributions for binaries, if you're distributing your own project with your project source codes, then you have to include the original BASS_FX.H/BAS/PAS UNMODIFIED! :)

Have fun!

8) JOBnik! 8)
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