Author Topic: Bass_Dshow A/V Sync Problem  (Read 634 times)


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Bass_Dshow A/V Sync Problem
« on: 8 Aug '10 - 12:46 »
Hi, friends.

I can play video files with Bassdshow but there are some problems I couldn't figure out.
When I try to fastforward/rewind the playing video, A/V sync. loses.
Here's the code I'm using;

Code: [Select]
Dim skipframe As Long
        skipframe = BassDShow.BASS_DSHOW_ChannelGetPosition(_Stream) + 3
        Label4.Text = skipframe
        BassDShow.BASS_DSHOW_ChannelSetPosition(_Stream, skipframe)

Am I doing something wrong or it's just because of  the .dll versions ?

Thank you.

Ionut Cristea

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Re: Bass_Dshow A/V Sync Problem
« Reply #1 on: 8 Aug '10 - 12:50 »
  So in that code you change the position by 3 seconds, right? But you want to do frame step? Syncronisation issue will be fixed at the next version(2.4.2)


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Re: Bass_Dshow A/V Sync Problem
« Reply #2 on: 8 Aug '10 - 13:11 »
Right, I'm trying to change it by 3 seconds.
(I tried to change it by "bytes", no difference, same problem)

I'm waiting for the new version ::)