Author Topic: Multiple Port MIDI Player (or WMP Plugin)?  (Read 3661 times)

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Multiple Port MIDI Player (or WMP Plugin)?
« on: 25 Sep '10 - 21:16 »

There has been recent discussion about using multiple MIDI ports over in the XMPlay MIDI plugin thread to allow the usage of more than 16 MIDI channels (e.g. 2 MIDI ports = 32 MIDI channels; 16 MIDI channels on each MIDI port).

Does anyone know of a MIDI player (preferably freeware) that normally supports this when using standard MIDI devices? I have a Sound Blaster live, which supports two hardware MIDI ports ("Synth A" and "Synth B"), as well as the usual SBLive Software Sythnesizer, but have yet to find a MIDI player that could access more than one MIDI port (for the MIDI files that support it).

How about a plugin for the WinDoZe Media Player, anyone heard of something like this (WMP only supports MIDI playback through the current active MIDI device, in the Windows' "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" control panel applet)?

I own an extremely old version of the (long-since gone) WinJammer MIDI sequencer, which includes the "WinJammer Player" that supports this, but the WJ Player has a few issues with Windows XP. (as many of you know) I also use my old version of Cakewalk Pro v3.01, and it too can use multiple MIDI ports.

In other words, which ever MIDI player (or WMP plugin) that supports this would need a MIDI device setup screen/menu of sorts, where you could select the MIDI devices for port 1/2/3/etc...

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Re: Multiple Port MIDI Player (or WMP Plugin)?
« Reply #1 on: 25 Sep '10 - 21:47 »
P.S. For XMPlay and the latest "stuff" version of the MIDI plugin (MIDI file shown in the CWP pic above): from this page ->

and this SoundFont: (smaller download, needs SFPack to extract)

from this page -> .

Quite good sounding stuff :)

P.P.S. I forget offhand which preset is actually assigned to the "Ahh-Choir" in the original SoundFont (maybe 0 or 2?), you'll prolly need to change it to preset #052 (using a SoundFont editor such as Vienna, which is what I did after downloading it);

OR... edit the MIDI file for what ever preset number the SoundFont uses.

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Re: Multiple Port MIDI Player (or WMP Plugin)?
« Reply #2 on: 27 Sep '10 - 00:17 »
An update:

I just realized that the "Virtual Jukebox" that was included with Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 (which I do NOT normally use or have installed on my hard drive... if y'all know me, you know that IMO CWP v3.01 was the last CW that I ever thought was worth a snot LOL!) can do the above.

I was able to trim down the CWPA8 files to only the ones require to run the Virtual Jukebox (7 files, including the help file, just shy of a 1 meg), and it works fine :)

Still a-wondering though ig anyone knows of another MIDI player that is able to do the above (or a plugin of sorts for the WinDoZe Media player)...