Author Topic: Problem with VS2010 / Bass.Net / Bass.Dll  (Read 837 times)


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i have last Week complete update my system. From Vista-32Bit to Windows7-64Bit (complete installation, no update), i have changed from VisualStudio 2008 Prof. to 2010 Prof. and i have downloaded the newest version from Bass.dll (64bit too) and Bass.Net.

My problem:
If i compile my project in Debug-Mode the Sounds comes.
If i compile my project in Release-Mode only the Info-Window from Bass.Net comes on the screen, but no sound and the property for the soundhandle ist 0.

I have checked the settings for Debug- and Release-Mode but its correct. No diffrents.

Have anybody a idea for this?

Sorry for my bad englisch :o

Best Regards from Berlin, Germany...