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Is there a  way to use BASS_BFX_PEAKEQ to detect when a frequency is reached? I would like to trigger an event when each band of a eq is hit.

Thanks in advance!
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Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS_BFX_PEAKEQ question.
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That sounds like FFT data is what you want, which is available from BASS_ChannelGetData. For example, to get the level of a particular frequency, you could do something like this...

Code: [Select]
float fft[1024];
BASS_ChannelGetData(handle, fft, BASS_DATA_FFT2048); // perform a 2048 sample FFT
int bin=2048*frequency/samplerate+0.5; // calculate the nearest "bin" to the frequency of interest
float level=fft[bin]; // get the level of it

Please see the BASS_ChannelGetData documentation for details.


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Re: BASS_BFX_PEAKEQ question.
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Thank you Ian. After posting, I searched and found an example of what I need in a post by Radio42. I do appreciate the reply and the great work that you have put into the BASS lib.

I will try and implement BASS_ChannelGetData in to my project. Again, Thanks!