Author Topic: one soundcard- recording two sources at the same time  (Read 802 times)


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Hello :)
I have one sound card.
How do I initiate WASAPI to record two audio sources (such as microphone and speaker loopback) at the same time to two different files? As a way to use the BASS_WASAPI_Init to separate callback for both audio sources?

Ian @ un4seen

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You would need to make 2 BASS_WASAPI_Init calls, one for each source (with the "device" parameter set accordingly), and have the WASAPIPROC callback function writing to a different file in each case. BASS_WASAPI_GetDeviceInfo can be used to find the device numbers to use in the BASS_WASAPI_Init calls. When there are multiple initialized devices, BASS_WASAPI_SetDevice is used to set which device subsequent BASSWASAPI calls (eg. BASS_WASAPI_Start) apply to. Please see the documentation for details.


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Thank you very much for your help and comments. BASS library is sensational!

Best regards!