Author Topic: Hangs looped at certain titles within a playlist  (Read 10827 times)


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Sometimes XMPlay doesn't switch to the next track, instead it loops the present track .. never ending, while the rest of the playlist plays fine :o . This seems to be the case with tracks that have an abrupt end (like a broken download) or distortion right at the end. Maybe the concerning files have error sectors at its end - I don't know (I'm speaking of mp3 files).

Does anyone else observe this?



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Re: Hangs looped at certain titles within a playli
« Reply #1 on: 10 Sep '03 - 01:14 »
Is your loop button on 'Auto-Loop'? That loops mp3 files too, when there isn't quietness on the end of the file.. Your case sounds pretty much of that.


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Re: Hangs looped at certain titles within a playli
« Reply #2 on: 10 Sep '03 - 02:28 »

thanks very much, your tip seems to have solved my problem :) . On the default skin it's hard to see which mode you've switched on. Also the documentation on the guide site wasn't that clear to me and maybe I have confused it with 'loop list'. I'm new to this player and I'm impressed with it's functionality and (small) size.

So far I see one drawback in the windows management (at least with win98se) as I just described in the thread "Minor issues...": the fact that XMPlay in big window mode cancels other applications 'always-on-top' attribute.
Perhaps this will be solved within one of the next releases or I will have switched to XP and will see how that will work ...