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Dear Community,

I am working for some time already on a Music (Structure) Analyzer, it is planned to extract structures which are relevant for listeners from Input Song Files in offline mode, use these informations to create groups.

The structures I mean are currently Tempo (Beats per Minute), Sound Color (Whole File Spectrogram), Voice Level (Estimated Voice Parts of the Song in Percent) and any information which can be build using these values, for example if you have a tempo structure you can check how much samples of the song follow the beat.
This project requires knowledge, skills and lots of time for testing.

However it turned out to be very interesting to me, I was suprised how many information there is retrievable by a simple beat (low frequencies) graph. I think there are even more similarities to discover between songs. Please take a look at the following graphs which show the basic beat structure of songs.
If you have any questions about the project please ask here and please take a look at the following ideal conditions to participate.

  • Knowledge about C#/Bass/OOP/Music/Audio Analysis/PHP/HTML
  • Interest in (Analysing) Modern Music
  • Interest in Finding Patterns in Data
  • Being Part of an innovative Project

Last Friday Night - Katy Perry (Usual Pop Song,Medium Tempo,Equal Scaled&Repeating Beat Patterns)

The Pitcher - The Rising (Typical Hardstyle Track,Fast Beat,Beat "Clusters")
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Ahsan Salim

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Wow.... i  only qualify only in the 'interest' part....the skills and knowledge department is a letdown...


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Wow.... i  only qualify only in the 'interest' part....the skills and knowledge department is a letdown...

Currently I am more looking for developers or other people to make the project move forward faster, for example optimize existing codes or bring in new Functions.


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Just for general interest: do you know about similar applications / research projects , is your project based on any publications, "papers" ?


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there is bpmdj which is linux only , it has a complicated gui and needs to be configured with decoders etc to work right and it has annoying bugs too. There are theoretical papers about autocorrelation,beat detection etc so basically it is a puzzle not put together, my own research showed that modern music is full of patterns and rhythms, if you have skills and knowledge or interest please participate.


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Thanks for your interest and Nice work you have made, I sent you a PM.


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After some weeks I have news to report!

I have talked to the people who replied here (Ahsan,jjohnston etc), tried out some things and made some changes.

My Application is now able to render maps of Songs which show either show Volume or Frequency Bands in a visual way (Coloring Loud Parts more Intensive), it gives an amazing overview of the relations of the whole song.

On the following screenshots you can see that my example song is based on two different drum patterns which make the beat and each of this patterns looks almost the same.

For example if you are a DJ and want to repeat some stuff you could just move the playing position to thing that look the same on the maps to repeat them, I tried this already, its working good!

Maps (Low Frequency Strength,Volume)

I also added a "Bass Sum Counter" which checks how much bass there is in Songs and outputs Percent Values, for example Pop has about 30 and Hardstyle about 60.

Im am still looking for people to improve the Tempo Detection (BPM) Part, I have been working for weeks on it and dont made an useful progress with it.


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After more than one Month of experimenting, trying out and making Improvements on BeatAudvisor, I am sad to announce that the Project is closed for the following Reasons:

  • Quality of the Output (Beat/Tempo Detection,Volume&Frequency Maps like the Ones I posted) depends too much on Settings. For Example to get the BPM right, the Users needs to activate Low or High-Passes otherwise it will Output double/half.
  • I wasted Weeks on this without making any real Progress, I made some Progress with one Way of Detecting Beats for Example then had to throw it over, start from Scatch etc. After some Time it really got annoying very much too not make Progress.

So my Idea of Calculating Audio Features (Tempo/BPM,Percentage of Low or High Frequency Parts,Dynamics,Voice Parts Percentage) and generating interesting Maps (to see and navigate through Repeating Drum Patters,Noise/Voice, Chorus/Refrain) like you can see on the Images on my previous Posts which show that nicely has not become true - after more than one Month of trying out, extendended Research, Experiments, New Parameters and Ideas on this.

It is very annoying for me that I am not sure if the Project might be possible to accomplish by someone who has more Knowledge and (Mathematical) Skills than I have or to know that there might not be much missing from the Point where I stopped.


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(Deleted - I had misunderstood what you were trying to accomplish.)
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