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Re: More shortcut keys
« Reply #25 on: 31 Aug '03 - 18:44 »
Could be, but misunderstood or not, if you do as Ralesk says, there won't be pressing the info window hotkey twice. If you're working on some other stuff, why would you need the info window visible anyway?


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Re: More shortcut keys
« Reply #26 on: 2 Sep '03 - 18:30 »
I often need the info window open when sorting and cleaning in my song collection. I have the info window open besides a Windows Explorer window in which I delete and move songs. I know I can permanently delete songs directly from the info window, but firstly it isn't possible wihtout using the mouse, and secondly I can't do all the stuff I need to do (move, rename, sort, etc).

If the info window was a proper window with a taskbar button, I could switch between it and my Windows Explorer window without any hazzle. Now I have to press the info-window-hotkey-button twice every time I need to go to the info Window. It's a pain in the ass, but not more than I can live with. :)