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1.  Open an MP3 file (any format)
2.  Re-encode it to a specific format (64kb mp3 stereo 44.1khz)
3.  Stream it to a shoutcast/icecast server
4.  Rinse Repeat.

I'm looking for a flow chart, or something that says .. pass it thru here, then thru here.. then thru here, etc.. or 'it all can be done using ________'.  I've been flirting with this idea for a while, and initial searches thru this site just leave me lost on where to begin.  BTW, I loathe C#.  I can read it.. translate it online, but even then, it's not a good conversion if I don't know what the original code is trying to do. 

Please be specific as to the references I need to make.  I'll be writing this in  (BTW, if you have a working example of the above, let me know, i'll drop ya 100 bucks for saving me some time in hashing this out myself)




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Re: Which parts of would i need to do this:
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In short (something long might follow by tomorrow):

1. Bass.BASS_StreamCreateFile will do the job

2.+3. The BASSenc add-on is need, but the Bass.Net encoder framework will make it more easy
Take a look to the 'Broadcast' class contained in the Misc namespace.

Note, that a C# sample called 'Streaming' is provided with Bass.Net.
Take a look to your windows start menu. When Bass.Net is installed a new menu entry is placed in there.
In that menu you'll find a link to the provided samples.