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Looking for developers (TreeMusic)
« on: 4 Aug '12 - 20:23 »
Hi all,

I'm a student Communication Sciences at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and  I would like to ask all of you whether you see potential in my project 'TreeMusic' and maybe be interested in helping me with?

For a few weeks now Iíve been looking for some proper developers, due to the fact that Iím completely unfamiliar with programming. I contacted Steven Mayall from the MusicBee Music Player and he said to chance my luck at the un4seen Forums.

This search still remains in vain because I canít really offer compensation beforehand. I canít give great rewards while you would work on this program, but I was thinking Ė if this all works out Ė to make all of you helping-hands some sort of shareholder to make it possible to claim some part of the potential revenue?

The developing process would take on 3 parts:
1. Music player and make it possible to share music online
2. Social features integrated in TreeMusic
3. Money and trading system

I donít know if you have the time or resources to make all of this happen, but Iím hoping someone would give it a shot because Iím convinced Iíve found some real (music) industry-changing perspectives. I have an in-depth presentation at my home computer for further detailing, but I thought I should first ask if someone is interested in the first placeÖ

Big Thanks in advance!

Loveniers Tomas
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