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Bug (v2.7): Offset Start
« on: 17 May '03 - 23:14 »
Hey, good work on v2.7, Ian! Especially like the global hotkey for the info window, and finally working 24/96 WAV playback. Yum. Oh, and not to mention finally getting rid of that pesky freezing UI bug on 2K/XP :D Bliss, bliss.

However, I just noticed that all songs (regardless of format) have the first couple of 100ms cut off at the start. Of course, you don't notice it on songs that don't start right away, but that's not exactly uncommon. Could it have to do with the pseudo-gapless stuff perhaps?
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Re: Bug (v2.7): Offset Start
« Reply #1 on: 18 May '03 - 17:37 »
I think that's probably driver related (what soundcard/Windows do you have?) - is there a delay when you adjust the volume? If so, the volume could be down initially, and the gap is just the delay in the volume being set.

Here's a WAV file to try - - it has a very short (10ms) pulse, and then silence. See if you can hear the pulse. And then check the spectrum display - you should see the pulse there, which means the beginning is not being chopped... not by XMPlay anyway :)


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Re: Bug (v2.7): Offset Start
« Reply #2 on: 18 May '03 - 18:36 »
Sorry for taking your time; yes, it works now. I installed some older M-Audio drivers and the problem went away. Stupid me not testing that thing first. Thanks!