Author Topic: Can you provide smaller FFT sizes for BASS_ChannelGetData ?  (Read 1192 times)


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Can you add lower FFT sizes such as 16, 32, 64, 128 for BASS_ChannelGetData ?

Thank you  :D :D :D


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What are you planning to do with a 16-sample FFT? You know that you get practically no information out of that, right?


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It's for creating a colored waveform such as ones you see on Serato and Traktor.
It seems to work with FFT but I need a smaller size, as you can see it's not precise enough yet, horizontally.
(blue : lows, purple : highs)
I don't need a precision up to an Hz, just a rough estimation of lows, meds, highs but very often.

Yes, 16 might be a little overkill ;D but not 32, it's definitely on some softwares such as SpectraPlus.
My current result : (palette doesn't look so great on this pic but it's not really important for now)

Sample of a waveform in Serato :

If you have a better approach for it you're welcome !