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Possible causes for a crash
« on: 17 Apr '03 - 07:17 »
Hmm been away for a while
I have run into a perplexing problem.  
I have Xmplay on my laptop and on my home machine.
I play every track on my laptop as I go through a process of logging them on a music DB.  So all tracks are tested.

How ever on the home machine xplay crashes on some tracks.  The problem is I dont know which tracks.  I only get a warning message.  
Now how do I go about tracking down which tracks they are ?  

FYI laptop is on win 2000, home machine win 98 (believe it)
both have ample Ram (128) and no other hectic apps running.

Bit flummoxed here


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Re: Possible causes for a crash
« Reply #1 on: 17 Apr '03 - 10:38 »
The only idea :idea: I've got is to try loading and playing the files one at a time with XMPlay and see which one it dies on. It could crash if the file is corrupt in some way (maybe corrupt floppy when transferring files ???). Apart from that, I don't have any more ideas.

If you find a file that crashes it, then upload it to (I think that's the right address, if not try xmplay instead of un4seen) and let Ian know.