Author Topic: MiKAMi: Converting an old notebook into an Emulator-Based Entertainment PC  (Read 6937 times)

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Just commenting. I've an old VAIO notebook and I'm converting it into an Emulator-Based Entertainment PC.
PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Series are implemmented at the moment. Actual GUI is horrible, I'm using RocketDock as a proof-of-concept.

I'm experimenting with XBMC skinning to know if I can make this frontend.

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XBMC is pretty heavy.  So depending on the age of your VAIO, you might want to use something a little more resource-friendly.

Ahh, saw the VAIO model... that should be fine.

AstralSoup Design

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XBMC resulted to be so horrible in matter of skinning documentation.

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Hi, good to know this idea converting a Sony Vaio notebook to a based entertainment PC or shall I say a gaming PC? My daughter owns the same brand but with a higher specifications for her graphics downloads. We have bought Sony Vaio laptop also but with a higher RAM and HD with dedicated and a 1 gb ATI Radeon for gaming too. I guess, you might need the same or much higher than that if I am not mistaken? I think an IT specialist can be very well versed to support us about this matter. :)