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Re: Suggestions for 3.9
« Reply #400 on: 4 Sep '19 - 17:34 »
Couple of suggestions.
Maybe add option to automatically separate subsongs when such files are added to playlist?
Also, maybe add shortcut for restart action.
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Re: Suggestions for 3.9
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Sorting the library by folder. (Adding a 'Folder' field alongside the 'File' field.)

I know that sorting by 'File' technically also sorts by folder, but it gets a bit weird with nested folders (a file in the root dir with a name starting with 'A' takes priority over an entire folder that starts with 'B', and so on). This can be quite disorientating if you have a library with lots of folders, each with lots of files.
Sorry if this was already suggested, but it would be such a nice addition.


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Re: Suggestions for 3.9
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I figured out that many times I am opening XMPlay from the tray icon is just because I want to know the length of the current track and maybe current play position. Would it be possible to add this information (e.g. by appending something like "[0:50 / 3:23]") to the tray icon's tooltip?

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Re: Suggestions for 3.9
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Here's an update that adds the position and length to the tray tooltip during playback:

It doesn't seem to be possible to refresh the tooltip (to update the position) while it's showing, so that doesn't happen.


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Re: Suggestions for 3.9
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Excellent! Works as envisioned. :)