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I have been playing about with a c# library created which uses the un4seen BASS.Net library. This all works fine, and I can play audio streams from a RTMP streaming server. The c# Library works within a c# Console application, and so far I have tried it within a c# Xamarin Android application. However, there is a 4 second delay though in this audio playback.

The RTMP Stream is streaming Live audio as a MP3 file.

I have played about with various BASSConfig settings, but I really don't know if it is possible to get the playback down to within a second. e.g.

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Bass.BASS_SetConfig(BASSConfig.BASS_CONFIG_BUFFER, 100);
Bass.BASS_SetConfig(BASSConfig.BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY, 4000);

Do you know if there is a setting within BASS.Net to reduce the latency?
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Ian @ un4seen

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Re: RTMP Stream Playback with BASS WIN/Android/IOS
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Those settings look reasonable for minimal latency, but they all apply to subsequently created streams (not existing streams), so just to be sure, are you setting them before creating the stream? I guess BASS_StreamCreateFileUser is being used to create the stream? To confirm what "download" buffer size is being used, please check the BASS_FILEPOS_END value via BASS_StreamGetFilePosition.

Does the RTMP library that you're using have any buffering options of its own?

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Re: RTMP Stream Playback with BASS WIN/Android/IOS
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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the reply. I will check these settings and let you know.

We are using a WOWZA streaming server just now for the RTMP stream. Within the default flash player that allows you to test the streams, there is very little buffering and latency.