Author Topic: Lee Jackson releases the full MIDI version of GrabBag!  (Read 10385 times)

Rich Nagel

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Lee Jackson, the composer of the music from Duke Nukem 3D, has just released a MIDI of the FULL version of his song "GrabBag", which is the title theme music of the game!

THIS version of the MIDI file is the one that the single Redbook audio track on the Atomic Edition and Plutonium Pack CD was recorded from, and is an EXTENDED version of the same MIDI file that is heard within the game!

The ZIP actually contains TWO MIDI files:

One MIDI file is targeted for use with the Windows Media Player (or some other simple MIDI player), especially if you do not have a dedicated music card in your system. It is a simplified version of the song designed to play back on these systems, so it may not sound exactly like the Redbook audio CD version.

The second MIDI file contains GS (Roland General Standard) MIDI commands specific to Roland MIDI modules and devices. It is the more authentic of the two files, using patches that match the Redbook audio CD version. Of course, it will sound most authentic if you use a Roland SC-88 Sound Canvas, which is what Mr. Jackson actually used to record the Redbook audio CD track.

Anyhow, download and enjoy! :)

The download is here -> / /

...and don't forget to comment and thank Mr. Jackson on his Facebook page here -> !

WOOHOO!!! :)


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lol I got that thing from the actual GRP file I had them for a long time. I have all of the files for the Atomic Edition I even made mods to it. (GRP file studio lets me actually get the info from within the grp files in Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition v1.9999, it also comes with the Build Engine, I always use the Jonaf ports).


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lol I got that thing from the actual GRP file I had them for a long time.
You didn't understand the post.


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I can upload my own Copy of that Grabbag as I have Atomic Edition 1.9999.

See from down there. lolV


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Yes, that's exactly what I said. You didn't understand the post. Re-read the first sentence, especially that one word in capital letters, and if you still don't understand it, maybe check out the links at the end of the post and compare what you got with that download.