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Reading the audio from a PC
« on: 12 Jun '15 - 22:36 »
Good evening all.

I have just joined this forum, as I did not know about it until a friend told me. I do much programming with PIC Micros and interfacing with VB. I an not a business producing anything through this. I own a Theatre in Wales that I and my partner run as a community arts center.

My hobby is electronics and programming, so I use this to play around and control stage props and the theatre sound / lighting (this is where the DMXdan comes in).

Anyway, I do have a question that I hope someone can help me with. We have had some issues with obtaining a license for our theatre over sound level issues. This has prompted me to build and program a sound logging system to monitor the audio levels during performances. What I would like to do is capture the audio level from a PC playing backing tracks and record it as part of the system.

I have only managed to read the volume levels of the controls, but it is the actual audio that I need.

The program is all done with Visual Basic 6 and the external audio (mics in the auditorium) processed by a PIC Micro and the data sent in serial format for VB to read.

Please could anyone sugest some VB code to monitor the audio from the PC?

Thank you.