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Help needed with bassmidi / Lyrics
« on: 20 Jan '16 - 09:47 »
i need some help with displaying and sync the lyrics from Midifiles.
Can anybody help me step by step with my Problem ?

I can Display all of the lyrics in a File in a Textbox, but what i want is
highlight the Lyrics while playing the midifile - like Karaoke.

I dont understand the demo in the miditest example.
Im a beginner and using vb2010 express.

Vieleicht auch jemand hier der Deutsch spricht ?

Vielen Dank / Thanks

My Code right now :

Code: [Select]
Dim markscount As Integer = BassMidi.BASS_MIDI_StreamGetMarksCount(stream, -1, BASSMIDIMarker.BASS_MIDI_MARK_LYRIC)
        Dim marks As BASS_MIDI_MARK() = BassMidi.BASS_MIDI_StreamGetMarks(stream, -1, BASSMIDIMarker.BASS_MIDI_MARK_LYRIC)
        RichTextBox2.HideSelection = False

        markscount = BassMidi.BASS_MIDI_StreamGetMarksCount(stream, -1, BASSMIDIMarker.BASS_MIDI_MARK_LYRIC)
        marks = BassMidi.BASS_MIDI_StreamGetMarks(stream, -1, BASSMIDIMarker.BASS_MIDI_MARK_LYRIC)
        Dim markername(markscount) As String
        If (markscount >= 0) Then
            For i As Integer = 0 To markscount - 1
                markername(i) = marks(i).ToString
            Next i

            RichTextBox2.Lines = markername

        End If