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[SKIN] W.T.F -xxl
« on: 1 Oct '16 - 03:48 »
Had an urge, here it is .. it's big.

There's some detailing remaining but this is presentable enough for use.

Also, the pan separation slider/knob is different from the other versions, (reasons).

/ change the file extension to xmpskin /
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Re: [SKIN] W.T.F -xxl
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Thanks!  :)

Jimmy Neutron

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Re: [SKIN] W.T.F -xxl
« Reply #2 on: 2 Oct '16 - 12:31 »
I like it!  I get a lot of comments when people see WTF. 


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Re: [SKIN] W.T.F -xxl
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thank you


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Re: [SKIN] W.T.F -xxl
« Reply #4 on: 11 Oct '16 - 02:49 »
Working on it slowly ..

Minor update attached to first post. v1.1

Tweaked fonts a bit.
Got some of the detailing done on the main, mini-mode and output panels.
Various other little things probably only noticeable by me but they're there.

It will get finished eventually. The delay is due partly to not having found a tool that can split pixels quite the way I want, and the perfectionist in me making the pixel work tedious .. (it should look as good at three inches as it does at three feet, and vise versa) .. so the time spent staring at it versus working on it slips slowly toward not feeling like it until the following day.


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Re: [SKIN] W.T.F -xxl
« Reply #5 on: 19 Oct '16 - 22:12 »
Still going slowly ..

Update attached to first post again. v1.2

More detailing done.
*All of the main framing edges and curves done.*
Most of the buttons.

Loop-track and the entire output panel set of buttons are about the only things remaining.

* It seems as the skin has gotten larger it's also gotten harder to get the curves just right .. this should be good enough, short of spending far more time than likely necessary on it.