Author Topic: GG my company rolled out new protection stuff onto our computers today. Bye XMP  (Read 3742 times)


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We've installed this:

Here's the first things it did:

What do I use to play music now? :P (dled foobar2k and it was quarantined aswell)
Winamp 5.666 worked tho.
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Windows Media Player?  ;)

You'll have to get XMPlay whitelisted, so find a way to submit or exclude the files.


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well, their AI fails...
anyway just chek if cylance provides false positive reports, and... report.


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Try 1by1.  You can use BASS and its plugins as well with it.


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Just wanted to update that xmplay does work now, however it's skins will be quarantined. :)
I've reported it, hopefully they will fix the false positives.

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What skin(s) are you using? It sounds like they're probably using the old skin format (which was a compressed executable) rather than the newer ZIP-based format, as it seems unlikely that the latter should ever get quarantined.