Author Topic: Compatibility between the latest BASS and BASS_FX builds  (Read 27 times)


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I've been using BASS for a while, but am new to this forum.
I'm creating a new project using BASS X64 on Windows. This is actually the first time I use the x64 version.
The initialization works just fine as always. However, once I try to attach BASS_FX after the initialization, I get BASS_ERROR_FILEFORM, indicating that the plugin I supplied is not a plugin or incompatible with the current version of BASS.
I checked that the bass.dll I was using was the latest x64 one, and bass_fx.dll was also what I had downloaded recently (of course I copied the x64/bass_fx.dll to my project folder).
Could anyone test if the latest BASS correctly loads bass_fx.dll currently available? If someone can attach it, I will investigate the issue a bit more and try to address what is causing the error on my environment.
I'm using BASS, BASS_FX, along with pybass on Python 2.7.
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yncat, since the latest bass_fx.dll was released a few months after bass, try it with the latest bass.dll from the development address and see if it works with the new version.

edit:  original link was mis-typed and has been corrected, sorry for any confusion!--sveakul
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