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Skin visuals latency
« on: 3 Apr '17 - 08:43 »

  Can you synchronize skin visualization with sound? Currently it looks like lags behind the sound.
  I can see it when playing mp3 files via Microsoft Sound Mapper or WASAPI. Lag is not large (~100ms), but eye can see it :)
  If it not possible automatically, can you add setting for time shift for visualization.
  Skin is default.
  OS: Windows 10 64bit latest build.

thank you.


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Re: Skin visuals latency
« Reply #1 on: 3 Apr '17 - 11:53 »
That shouldn't happen. Do you see it with any visualizations, including the built-in ones, or just specific ones? It could be an issue with a specific visualization, but the built-in ones are all in sync with the music here.