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Access Violation in bassenc_opus.dll
« on: 24 Apr '17 - 17:21 »

I've been using the bassenc_opus.dll plugin to encode some recordings. Before I used the bassenc and the external opus encoder.

From time to time, and I haven't been able to reproduce it, I am getting an AV that apparently is related to the dll. I don't have much except the following info:

exception message  : Access violation at address 5CC049DA in module 'BASSENC_OPUS.DLL'. Read of address 0000001C.

thread $1508:
00000000 +000 ?
76f06a7a +00a ntdll.dll                      NtWaitForSingleObject
74ff1796 +066 KERNELBASE.dll                 WaitForSingleObjectEx
75dac40e +03e kernel32.dll                   WaitForSingleObjectEx
75dac3bd +00d kernel32.dll                   WaitForSingleObject

I just wonder if by any chance it's something that has been reported before or it has been fixed already?


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Re: Access Violation in bassenc_opus.dll
« Reply #1 on: 24 Apr '17 - 17:29 »
To get some more info on the problem, please provide a dump file for it. You can generate a dump file using the ProcDump tool. For example, run "procdump -e -ma -x . yourtest.exe". Then ZIP and upload the generated dump file to have a look at here:

Please make sure you're using the latest BASS/BASSenc/BASSenc_OPUS DLLs when doing that.