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adjusting playback speed of a MOD
« on: 30 Apr '17 - 20:05 »
Thanks for XMPlay, it looks like it's really chock full of great features. It played one of my favorite mods, from back in the day, on Windows 10 great.

Is there a way to adjust playback speed? This was a nice feature of some mod players available on the Amiga.

I searched the forums and looked through the options to no avail.



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Re: adjusting playback speed of a MOD
« Reply #1 on: 30 Apr '17 - 20:22 »
The built-in module player cannot do this, but xmp-openmpt features four user-assignable shortcuts to increase and decrease the tempo and pitch of a module independently from each other, just like in the old ModPlug Player. To make the plugin play those module types that are normally handled by XMPlay, you have to add their file extensions to the "priority file types" list for that plugin (The full list would be: mod xm s3m it mtm umx mptm).