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[SOLVED] Audio performance issues
« on: 11 Aug '17 - 20:10 »
Hello there,

I experiment some issues when playing with my windows. Here is a video that illustrates my problem:

About my developments:
- The window that seems to play audio is just a "remote control". This is just a client to the server that really plays audio.
- Both client and server are built with NodeJS (The BASS library is here:
- Only the client has GUI. The server is a console app.

More information:

When I click on a button inside the client window, an order to the server is given (websocket) to play the associated file that has been loaded at the server start.
Then, it's just a BASS_ChannelPlay() that plays audio.

Do you have any idea of how I can solve my problem?

Many thanks in advance for your answers :)
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[SOLVED] Re: Audio performance issues
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Never mind. I've just found the guilty!
I made a mistake and selected the wrong soundcard, and I was selecting a virtual soundcard (Virtual Audio Cable) and this virtual soundcard was actually echoing its sound on my main soundcard. And Virtual Audio Cable is not so performant…

Well, now, it works like a charm  ;D