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Adding Multiple URLs at once
« on: 12 Aug '18 - 22:00 »
In order to access music from my WD My Cloud NAS remotely on my laptop I have to use the WD My Cloud App. From the app I am able to create a URL to a music file via a "Copy Link" command. I am able then to succesfully paste the URL into the URL drop down box on the Open file(s) dialog of XMPLAY.

I am unable to drag and drop the file directly from the WD My Cloud App. I have to go via something such as Notepad++ to drag and drop the URL.

However the real problem is opening multiple URLs at once. From the WD My Cloud app I can select multiple files at once i.e. tracks from an album and then using the "Copy Link" command I can create a single list of URLs comprising each of the music files selected. When I try and paste this list of URLs to the Open file(s) dialog it doesn't work. It only successfully works with one single URL.

This goes for drag and drop too. It doesn't work for mulitple URLs.

Does anybody know a way to get multiple URLs to work or is an update required for XMPLAY?

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Re: Adding Multiple URLs at once
« Reply #1 on: 13 Aug '18 - 16:45 »
Indeed, it isn't currently possible to drag'n'drop multiple URLs at a time to XMPlay. I guess the URLs are separated by a new line? I will look into adding support for that. In the meantime, one way you can open them all at once is to put them in a .M3U file and then open that in XMPlay.


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Re: Adding Multiple URLs at once
« Reply #2 on: 14 Aug '18 - 10:33 »
Yes according to Notepad++ there is a <CR><LF> at the end of each URL and then another <CR><LF> between the URLs. There appears to be a leading <CR><LF> at the very beginning of the list too.

Thanks for the tip about .M3U files. This helps speed up the process of getting the URLs into XMPLAY quite alot.