Author Topic: Open folders with CUE files from Windows Explorer  (Read 1600 times)


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There is a folder containing several folders with albums, in which there are solid tracks in the format Wavpack or FLAC with CUE-files.

In XMPlay it has long been working to split a solid track in Wavpack or FLAC format into separate tracks on a CUE file. This works when I open or drag the CUE file into XMPlay. But this does not work if I add tracks through the context menu of a folder in the Explorer "Open with XMPlay" or "Add to XMPlay-list", or if I drag the folder into XMPlay. In this case, there is no separation of the tracks on the CUE file, and the solid track opens, unfortunately .. Then I need to go into each folder and add each CUE file to the playlist one at a time.

Is it possible to split tracks when adding folders with CUE files?