Author Topic: XMPlay gets detected by Windows defender (edit: now it doesn't)  (Read 2234 times)


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Title says it all.
XMP didn't get any updates since January, so I check the stuff version every week, and replace the executable in my xmp folder if there is a newer version.
But when I went to - Windows Defender quarantined the exe, it says "Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl". works fine, there probably isn't much difference between it and, so I'll just wait for another version - but just wanted to let you guys know, have a nice day

(Update: sent the exe to MS for analysis, they fixed it, please ignore this post)
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so I'll just wait for another version
It would be more practical if you submitted xmplay.exe to your Antivirus vendor as a false positive, so that they can whitelist it and you can start using it. If you just wait for the next version, chances are high it will still be detected by the same incorrect routines.
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Thanks for the suggestion!
Looks like it's no longer detected, after the definition update.

Also sorry for this pointless thread, I didn't know you could send files directly to MS and have them checked.

Liked the new "Big" mode in, I had some really small skins, they were so hard to use, especially with a high mouse sensitivity.
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