Author Topic: XMPlay crash when updating .v2m track length (Bug report)  (Read 1748 times)


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Using xmplay (latest as of sep 1 2018).

The crash occurs when I dragged over multiple files to XMP. and it tries to calculate the track length. Seems to apply to .v2m files specifically when calculating their track lengths.  Loading .v2m files one at a time works fine.

I've narrowed it down to 2 plugins (3 if you include the in_v2m.dll): in_ncsf.dll and xmp-zxtune.dll. Strange combination. Neither of these plugins play v2m files. But only if they are BOTH present, this crash will occur:

The XMP interface works still, but it's stuck in "track titles updating" mode indefinitely. Closing the error message closes XMPlay.

I've included the winamp plugins and v2m test files as attachments, xmp-zxtune.dll can be found here. in_ncsf source code here. in_v2m source code is here.

To reproduce the bug: load the plugins, drag a .v2m file into the playlist at a fresh start, it should crash.

Ian @ un4seen

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I don't seem to be able to reproduce that here. I put a fresh XMPlay installation in a new directory and added those 3 plugins (plus zlib1.dll required by in_ncsf), then ran XMPlay and drag'n'dropped your test V2M files into it. I then also played the files. Should that have caused a crash, or am I missing a step or other files/plugins?


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Okay, strange. My XMPlay installation doesn't include zlib1.dll, but I can use in_ncsf.dll without it.

Tested on both Win7/Win10 and the crash occurs, but Win10 crashes silently, no error msgs.

I added zlib1.dll out of curiosity and that fixed the issue. Doesn't seem to be located in Windows/system32 dir. Is it supposed to crash immediately without that dll or something?

If you remove zlib1.dll, it should act the same way as my report. Dropping a single v2m works, dropping multiple doesn't (due to parsing title of items in the playlist).